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New lens turns smartphone into a microscope.

Mobile phone photography has advanced rapidly in a few short years and it was confirmed that in 2012 1.4bn photos were taken every day with mobile phones. 638m of them posted to social networks.

Now mobile phone photography enthusiasts have a new tool at their hands: The Micro Phone Lens.

Measuring just 1/4” in diameter it is designed to stick onto the lens of most cellphones (recommended 5 megapixel camera resolution), and easily capture images and videos ranging from 15X magnification up to 60X (using the phone’s digital zoom feature).

The design of the little lens is said to be a product of a “patent pending platinum catalyzed silicone technology” that yields an optical quality identical to that of glass, and yet is impervious to scratching and can be cleaned with soap and water. It self-adheres to the camera lens and can be installed or removed quickly and easily. Once the lens is on the phone, all you need to do is focus your image and click the shutter. 

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