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How to get your washing machine to send a text

- or how two designer-engineers hit it out of the park with kickstarter.

Imagine this: your washing machine sends you a text after the laundry is done, then your garage door sends you an email telling you off for leaving it open again, and you got to fix a leak in time because your basement tweeted you an alert that it was flooding.  Playful visions of the future? Well, no, not any longer thanks to David Carr and John Kestner, both graduates from MIT Media Lab. They have developed a device called Twine, making it possible for your environment to talk to you. 

Twine is a sensor that can be programmed to message you through the internet. Connected via the Wi-Fi network and it can be charged with double  AAA batteries but can also be powered by micro USB much as cellphones are.

You know, you have a winning idea, when your piece of innovation raises way past your original target of $35k on kickstarter and instead raises over half a million dollars. 

Make your physical world speak to you, too. Activate it with Twine and get one here

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